Brand Planning Suite

Commercial Planning processes
in the cloud

Uncover the power of Enavia’s Brand Planning Suite, a digital platform with modular capabilities and a guided approach that drives commercial success. Optimize resource allocation, automate manual processes, and create data-driven strategies effortlessly. Join leading pharmaceutical companies and elevate your brand planning to new heights with Enavia! 


Streamline global commercial information sharing with Enavia. Instantly generate SWOT insights, fuel data-driven analytics, and amplify cross-geography collaboration for resounding success.


Access Enavia for transformative insights. Explore Patient Pathways, Relative Competitive Analysis, and Timeline Dynamics for data-driven commercial success. Elevate strategy with Enavia.


Access key stakeholder insights with Enavia. Gain clear financial and access value driver overviews for data-driven commercial success.

Strategy Development

Enavia empowers you to identify your sources of business, drivers, and barriers, enabling you to make pragmatic strategic choices. Streamline your brand planning process and drive commercial success with our powerful platform.


With Enavia’s logically connected planning pathway, your tactical spends align seamlessly with your objectives and strategic choices, ensuring optimal strategy implementation. Unlock the power of integrated planning for commercial success.

Brand Planning Suite

Features that Enable and Empower Cross-Functional Teams


Enavia's Presentation Module automates the generation of all your presentation slides, saving you valuable time and effort. Customize the look and feel to match your organization's branding, and deliver impactful presentations effortlessly.

Dashboard & data aggregation

Enavia's database stores your entire Brand Plan, enabling seamless aggregation and interrogation of decisions, figures, and information. Empower your teams with Enavia's Dashboard as your BI tool, complementing your existing BI tools for comprehensive insights.

Question-guided strategic analysis

At Enavia, we prioritize intuitive design to make planning easy for our users. Our platform guides you with questions to avoid empty boxes and simplify the process of building your plans. Embrace efficiency and seamless planning with Enavia's user-friendly tools.

Brand Planning Suite

A product tailored to
your needs

Enavia is a modular built framework that can be recombined and adapted to you.


Whether it’s about style or functionality, we can deliver the ideal solution for your teams.

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