Brand Planning Blocks

Relative Competitive Analysis
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Assess your brand’s perception among customers relative to competitors. Enavia’s Relative Competitive Analysis Block empowers Marketing and Market Research Teams to evaluate brand competitiveness and pinpoint pivotal leverage points. Gain a competitive edge by strategically allocating resources where they can make the most impact.

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Relative Competitive Analysis

Parallel Attributes

Evaluate your product and company against competitors using parallel attributes.

Relative Competitive Analysis

Attribute Prioritization

Strategically assess attributes and prioritize actionable areas according to assigned importance.

Relative Competitive Analysis

Actionable SWOT Insights

Once you have assigned weights to your company and product and adjusted the importance, you can now have a clear overview of drivers and barriers of your business.

Get Your Custom Results

After assigning weights and adjusting importance to your company and product, you can easily download the results in JPG or PDF format

Brand Planning Blocks

See how your brand is perceived against the competition

Exploring Our Brand Planning Suite but Unsure About Commitment? No Worries! Begin Your 14-Day Free Trial of Exclusive Relative Competitive Analysis Today. Evaluate Your Brand Against Competing Products and Therapies, Assign SWOT Points, and Download Actionable Insights for Team Collaboration or Personal Use. Optimize Your Strategies with Confidence.

Relative Competitive Analysis

Enterprise version

Relative competitive analysis custom made for you

Tried Relative Competitive Analysis and liked it? Get more with Enterprise version. With this version, you can manage multiple projects, add more brands and therapies, engage more users, employ brand-specific terminology, and access custom modular functionalities designed to align with your unique requirements, among other benefits.

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Enavia’s Brand Planning suite is a cloud-based solution that captures and analyzes brand, competition, and market data. Leveraging a suite of analytical tools, it delivers insights into brand perception, potential market influences, and actionable key performance indicators (KPIs). This comprehensive approach empowers strategic decision-making for commercial success in the Pharma industry.

Relative Competitive Analysis

Relative Competitive Analysis

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Relative Competitive Analysis

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Relative Competitive Analysis

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