Sales Force Allocation

Commercial Planning processes
in the cloud

Explore the functionalities of Enavia Sales Force Allocation and discover how a digital platform with modular capabilities and a guided approach can help you drive commercial success and allocate your sales resources optimally.

Combined value

Experience seamless global-to-local sales data connectivity, data analysis, and insights sharing with our expertly designed optimized workflows, all focused on the goal of enhancing patient treatment effectiveness.

Unified insights

Sales Force Allocation simplifies data entry with automation and pre-population, providing a unified view for global managers and sales team members based on access permissions. The logical flow of Sales Force Allocation ensures easy data entry and actionable analysis.

data consistency

Experience streamlined data recording through guided processes in Enavia. Ensure consistency across geographies, eliminating multiple data versions and enhancing clarity.

personell allocation

Get a global view of sales cycles with Enavia. Explore sales personnel allocation across geographies for informed decision-making.

local dashboards

Localized dashboards contribute to improved decision-making regarding resource allocation in each country.

Sales Force Allocation

Features that Enable and Empower Cross-Functional Teams


All your presentation slides are going to be generated automatically in the Presentation Module. If you want, they can look like your company slides.

Dashboard & data aggregation

As your entire Brand Plan is stored in a database within Enavia, all your decisions, figures and information can be aggregated and interrogated. Use Enavia’s Dashboard or your own BI tool.

Question-guided strategic analysis

Enavia’s tools are set up as intuitive as possible to ensure users build their plans easily. We don’t like empty boxes, where ver possible Enavia asks questions to simplify the process.

A product tailored to
your needs

Enavia is a modular built framework that can be recombined and adapted to you.


Whether it’s about style or functionality, we can deliver the ideal solution for your teams.

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